Sam by Faustina Agolley

In Sam by Faustina Agolley we have the theme of curiosity, connection, culture, heritage, loss and happiness. Narrated in the first person by Agolley herself the reader realizes from the beginning of the story that Agolley may be exploring the theme of curiosity. Agolley is curious about her father who has died. She knows very little about him and all she does know is that when her mother talks about him she begins to cry. This may be important as it suggests that the memory of Agolley’s father is all too much for her mother. The fact that Agolley continues to ask about her father is significant as it is as though she wants to know what her culture is. She has a Chinese mother and an African father. It is also interesting that Agolley’s brother has no real interest in discovering who his father was. Though he may still have memories of him as he was older than Agolley when their father died.

If anything Agolley is interested in her father’s culture. So much so that her mother takes her and her brother to Ghana. This trip to Ghana is significant as I it connects Agolley with her father’s family. She sees how they live and the fond memories they have of the father. There are however differences in Ghana that Agolley has not found in Australia. The food for example is different. Something that would be expected when visiting different countries. The photographs play a significant part in the story as Agolley is able to put a face on her father. Prior to this she never knew what he looked like.

There may be some symbolism in the story which might be important. The tears the mother cries when asked about Agolley’s father serve to highlight the fact that the mother has not let go. The records are interesting as they serve to act as a part of Agolley’s heritage. They did after all belong to her father. It is here where Agolley found her love of music. That helped her so much in her career. The television plays an important part in the story. It allows for Agolley to escape from the feelings she is feeling. She likes the American shows and if anything they represent another world to Agolley. A means of escape.

The end of the story is interesting as Agolley has had a prosperous career and accepts the circumstances she finds herself in. Thanking her father’s love of music for this. Though her father was not around he has left a permanent mark on Agolley’s life. Having grown up with just one parent. Agolley has still nonetheless made a success out of her life.  She has interviewed pop stars that she could only dream of meeting. In reality Agolley has overcome the difficulties that come with losing a parent and made a success out of her. A life that might not have been successful should Agolley being raised London or Ghana life  Another interesting thing about the photographs, records and the trip to Ghana is that they all serve that to fill the void when it comes to Agolley’s understanding of her father. A father she never knew but has grown to appreciate.

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