Confessions of a Dustbin by M. Karunanidhi

In Confessions of a Dustbin by M. Karunanidhi we have the theme of loss, loneliness, and freedom. Narrated in the first person by the dustbin itself it becomes clearer to him that he as hears story of professionals of faith and love that the dustbin makes to make a connection with others. Who merely see the dustbin as place to dump things? Some very important things. Like love letters and note. All of which the dustbin reads hope that he too might find love. But this never happens as no one respects that bin. To them he is an animate object with no feelings, heart or soul. Something the reader knows is not the truth. In reality the dustbin simply looks forward to and the happiness of others. At first the dustbin in not unhappy. He is pleased that can he can read the adventurers of others.

However like everyone the dustbin looks a for a better life. A life in where he can share his hopes and aspirations but no one takers him serious because he is just a dustbin In many ways the dustbin lacks the eyes and ears of the city without anyone known ring it. He wants to see couples cheating on their partners and considering themselves to be blessed by the gods. This may be significant as mere mortalities are going against god will to satisfice themselves and not look after their families and children’s.

This may be point that the dustbin is making everybody who visits the dustman’s bin want’s everything that the gods have but ironically the bin is filthy as a result of those who use the dustbin. The fact that the dustbin is emptied regular so such’s there is room for more and more sin to be completed in the dustbin. All sinners who use the dustbin have freedom of choice and as they are not happy with their wives and children’s the see the dustbin aa hidden secret. But the Dustbin knows and he wants a lover for himself to but he is merely a dustbin. He has to read yesterday’s news which is very similar to the news the dustbin reader year day.

This too can be import as it suggests a state of paralysis for the dustbin and those who use. He is a receptor for love between unmarried couples. But the sense of longer with the narrator is strong and he longs to make love to women to. All the men who make love to the women in the dustbin make unrealistic promises to the girls, laying and showering then with gifts that are for their wive. The girls in the dustbin ae looking for propriety and love. There is no happy ending for anyone in the story. Everyone looking for love in the dustbin doesn’t know they already love inside having bee given to them by the gods. The dustbin is merely gods away of highlighting the wastefulness of mankind.

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