Are the Rich Happy by Stephen Leacock

Are the Rich Happy - Stephen LeacockIn Are the Rich Happy by Stephen Leacock we have the theme wealth, poverty and appearance. Taken from his Further Foolishness collection and narrated in the first person by Leacock the reader realises that Leacock’s friends are wealthy. Though they see themselves as just being comparatively well of. They can afford lavish dinners and fine cutlery and plates and do not go without despite the meagre sums of moneys they tell their friends they have. This may be significant as the poorness of poor does not match the richness of the rich. The rich have assets to be sold through they refuse to do so. Keeping up the appearances of the niceties of wealth. When the reality is they cannot really afford to live a rich style of life. Though this does not necessarily bother the rich who live by appearances. It is imperative to the rich that they should keep up appearances.

So satisfied to belongings are the rich they cannot bear to part with things that they might have in case they are judged by others in their peer group. It would be a fall from grace to have to sell household items and horses. In reality the rich and the aristocracy do no think like others. There is a large divide between rich and poor. The rich live liking rich and do not what to change. Though there are complaints they are not justified because they rich are happy with the divide. They see themselves as aloof from the poor.

Any changes that the rich want to make never materialize. Despite what they say, they are not happy with their lot. It is clear that impoverished or poor life does not suit them. They are happy in their castles and with their lot. Which may leave the reader to suspect that the rich are talking about poor but not thinking about it.

The clothes the rich wear are exactly rich. They do not see going full steam ahead with being poor. They are aloof from the poor, dine better that the poor and live better that then poor. It is all words from the rich whom have no intention of living like the poor. They are too refined in their clothing and their meals to ever be able to identify with the poor. The great divide between the rich and poor remains. The rich wish to identify with the poor but do not want to make the sacrifices. They may want the tramp parts of poverty but do not want to make the sacrifices.

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